What I’m Learning – The Economic Machine

I’ve been listening my way through the book, Principles by Ray Dalio.

  • You should watch this video on “How the economic machine works

  • He discusses the story about his founding of Bridgewater and some of the things he learned along the way. He has some real in depth tactics on communication and relationships that are often ignored, yet these concepts are foundational in all business and works of life.

  • In the future I will write about some of the Ray Dalio Principles that stood out

  • I would highly recommend that you start developing your own set of principles 

All this economic unrest has me thinking more about risk and risk tolerance. Just because the United States’ stock market has gone up on average 10% per year according to historical averages does not mean that you are 100% promised that return in the future. Maintaining that growth requires that your time in the market is flexible, as an economic downturn could last longer than the 1-2 year historical average of bear markets. Here’s an interesting article about Ray Dalio’s, “All weather portfolio”.

Here’s an interesting study looking at overlapping surgical cases. This is when surgeons book surgical cases so that they can have an assistant finish closing the incision of one case while they go and start the next case. This is a really efficient process and in my opinion it is great that there is some evidence that points towards the process still being associated without major differences from non-overlapping cases.

A product that I’ve really enjoyed learning and using is called Superhuman. At first glance you wouldn’t think that email could be made more enjoyable, but it can. The team at Superhuman has used game design theories to make an email platform that helps you be more efficient as well as more entertained. I would highly recommend you take a look. 

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